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A Brief background...


NATIONAL TRADERS was established in 1951 when India was beginning to be self reliant and replacing the foreign material with indigenous one.


Starting from a small modest place in Fern Road, Ballygunge our founder Mr. Kishorlal Virji Mehta worked hard to establish a factory to manufacture Switches, Sockets, Plugs which were Import Substitution for British Make ones.


We are proud to mention that some of these are still in working condition. Enamel Light Fittings, Reflectors, Dispersive and Duo Flux Porcelain Lamp Holders, Kitkat Fuse, Connectors, Neutral Links, Water Tight Plug Sockets were added to the range of Electrical Accessories.


Overhead Line Materials were supplied to almost all Electricity Boards in the country. Isolators, Drop Out Cutouts, Insulator Hardware, Earthing Materials, Pole Line Hardwares, Electrical Wiring Accessories were marketed in all parts of India. NATIONAL is an approved make for Railways, Electricity Boards and Government Utilities Alike.





Bakelite Accessories

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